Kuktu Pvt Ltd provides full IT service to small and medium business so that the businesses can concentrate on what they do best and make maximum profits without having to bother about day to day IT operations.
The experience of our consultants makes us possible to apply solutions to any vertical market and any size of the company.
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Hosting Solutions

Whether you are a small business, a medium business or an Individual who is on a budget but needs a complete web hosting solution you really must sign up with us.

We provide Windows server hosting with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We do not add more than 10 sites per server which will reduce your application fighting for shared server resources.


Professional Services

Kuktu provides the best service in terms of consultants and training for SME sector and also individuals. Our firm has worked with several companies in a variety of industries to get a good hard on almost all verticals.

Kuktu looks for building long term relationships even if it means that we are running close to the cost price.


Custom Development

Every company today is required to outperform and beat competitors. Any slip-up means a loss of millions of dollars in the share market of the company value. Most companies already have a workforce and software that is used a certain way.

To get maximum performance the gaps between the personel and software must be bridged.