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Asset Management

This is a must for every Asset management every household in the world. Did you know that you need to know critical information and pictures of your beloved possessions in case something happens to it and you need to claim it via insurance? It's time to sign up and start documenting your assets.

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Help Desk Software

There are lots of help desk software's out there! Yes. Really. Why do you need to sign up here? We provide the most customizable solution for help desk software. You can specify the data you want to capture with the tickets and also setup the pages the way you want.

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Document Management

Want to store and manage your documents online? Many people save docs by emailing it to themselves but did you know that once someone has access to your emails they get hold of your docs too? DMS is the go to place to store and manage your documents online!

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Website Hosting

1&1 Website Hosting provides the base for all your Web Projects and to host your site. They provide dynamic products, flexibility and support which are better than any other provider in the market.

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Dedicated Servers

1&1 Dedicated Servers offers High-performance servers for high demands. With prices starting at $59.99/month it is cheaper to get a dedicated server than host an server in-house.

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Virtual Servers

With 1&1 Virtual Server Solutions you can now Experience the Speed and Convenience of 1&1 Virtual Servers. With prices starting from as low as $29.99/month it is really a no brainer.

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1 Hour

A 1 hour pack costs $150. You get $50 off our post paid professional services price. This pack can be used against a single project or a single consultation.

3 Hours

The 3 hour pack costs $350 which is a massive $250 off. You may purchase 3 hours and use this for work done on multiple projects. You are not locked into a single project!

5 Hours

A 5 hour pack costs $500 which is $100 an hour which is a massive 50% discount on the hourly rate. Once you purchase you have a year to use up the hours before it expires.